Winter approaching Black Forest (Germany)
Snow is slowly covering the Black Forest Mountains in Germany.
Rainy day in Seebach, Baden-Württenberg, Germany
Waking up in the morning, preparing to go out of the hotel room and drink my morning coffee. I take a look out on the window and I'm mesmerised. Can't do anything else but get my camera out and take a picture. Coffee can wait!
Seebach under rain
Seebach - Germany during a rainy week-end day
Early morning in Achern
Early and sunny morning in Achern - Germany
Bray (Ireland) seaside walk
Analog photography: View to the Bray's seaside walk
Donegal, Ireland
Early morning in Donegal, Ireland
A walk in a gorgeous park in Dublin was ending in front of this gate.
red leaves
Tree with red leaves
Dublin street performer
street performer
Seagull on the beach.
Hats on sale
Hats on sale in Thasos (Greece)
Getting ready for adventure
Slippers on the beach on a sunny and warm day.
Seagulls taking off
Old vs. new
Resting old boat on the shore with a ferry on the background
Boat construction site
Boat construction site
Flying seagulls
Flying seagulls
Panagia, Thassos Island, Greece
View from above, Panagia, Thassos Island, Greece
Road in the mountains
Road in the mountains of Island Thasos (Greece)
Rocks with small trees
Vegetation on rocks in the mountains of Thasos (Greece)
Road in the woods
Stone road in the woods
Autumn leaves in the wood
Middle of the wood, fallen leaves looked like the nature wanted to create a beautiful decoration
Autumn on my street
The sidewalk in front of my house
Autumn colours
trees and rapeseed in bloom
Fishing boat near the harbour
Fishing boat on the sea near the Marina di Campo harbour (Elba island, Italy)
old building
Old building.
Thasos island - coast
The cost on one side of the Thasos island (Greece)
Budapest on a sunny week-end
Ruins of an old town
Ruins of Râșnov medieval city (Romania)
Flying seagull
Flying seagull on a hot summer day